Black Tie

This {Haute Hippie} gown is the definition of 'Black Tie'.

It's just the right amount of sexy with a plunging (but not too plunging) deep v neckline (not to mention the always sexy and sometimes naughty evoking leather detail), a playful slit in the back, and all in simple and classy black. The leather is what really did it for me. I tried on lots of evening gowns for holiday parties and this gown (plus one more coming soon - unless you follow me on instagram) made the cut. Why? The cut. This dress fit me like a glove and that's all that really matters. The leather detail didn't hurt either.

Now I just need another event to wear it to.

Fake It Til Ya Make It

1. Kate Somerville Tan Towels - Great to pack on vaca with you and dry quickly! Not too much of a fake bake scent either.

2. James Read - Dries instantly! You must purchase the mitt! You can use it over and over too!

3. Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body - You will dark as F! But not orange.

4. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse - Also quick drying, easy to rub on, not streaky and a very brown based tan. 

5. Clarins - A very moisturizing option and more of a healthy glow.

6. Clinique - Very rich and moisturizing. A gradual build up tan. 

Back in Black... and White

First things first, I am really sorry for absolutely sucking at keeping my blog up. I started a new job and all my time got sucked away from me. Sparkle totally got put on the backburner. Not for long anymore though! I've come to realize I truly enjoy expressing myself and creativity in this blogging outlet and am going to make more collages and bring back the treats! I have finally learned how to manage my time well and set time aside for personal projects such as this. Afterall, this is a fun hobby and makes me happy so it deserves it's own reserved chunk of time. 

With the temps dropping (as much as they will in LA) I am getting back to classic black and white and adding punches here and there. The punch in this? The zebra booties. I know my random "anonymous" hater is going to comment later about how these boots really make my legs look short and choppy but honestly, F you... I realize they would look way better on Victoria Secret model legs but I just don't have those and love these boots so I'm going to rock them in the best way I know how to. 

If I had endless cash for clothing I would probably spend it all on leather...I've got some black leather detailing going on here paired with an all leather white skirt. Next on my fashion dream list? A leather trench. We'll see if that happens.